Weeks of Guided Prayer

The week of Guided Prayer is sometimes called a ‘Retreat in Daily Life’ or a ‘Busy Person’s Retreat’

as you don’t have to go away to a quiet, beautiful place to find God.

It is a way of making a retreat in the midst of daily living, as by taking some quiet time each day on your own you are enabled to find God in your everyday life, in all its ups and downs.


Everyday God  - Week of Guided Prayer







What happens during the week of guided prayer?

Participants are invited to 

  • spend half an hour in personal prayer at home each day

  • meet with a prayer guide for half an hour each day at a time convenient to you both. The prayer guide will accompany you and guide you with short texts from the scriptures. You do not need to have any previous knowledge.

  • There is also a group session for all participants and prayer guides on the first day of the week and also on the last day of the week to bring the week to a close.

The guides are lay men and women and Loreto sisters who are trained and qualified in spiritual guidance and experienced at helping people with prayer.

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