Day 1: The Spiritual Journey

The Journey of Life


 The force that through the green fuse drives the flower

 Drives my green age …

 The force that drives the water through the rocks

 Drives my red blood.   Dylan Thomas

"Everything is related to everything else. Everything is connected. Everything belongs in the bigger picture. Tread on a daisy and trouble a star! The heartbeat of every living thing beats in our hearts too. And they

all beat in the heart of God. Or, put more accurately, we could say,  if we listen with our whole spirit,

we can hear the heart-beat of God in everything that lives – and that includes the music from a rock. This is a marvellous mystery and we humans are in the middle of it."   Daniel O’Leary

The Journey of Life  afternoon  provides a space to reflect on life as it is and where God is /has been in your life experience.   It is an invitation to look with fresh eyes on your experience of life.

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