I have come so that you may have life, life to the full


There is a life-force within your soul,
seek that life.
There is a gem in the mountain of your body,
seek that mine.
O traveler, if you are in search of That
Don’t look outside, look inside yourself and seek That.
 Learning from Winter
In Winter the earth reaches a point of repose. 
While the  land lies waiting beneath the the dying leaves the seeds begin to germinate in the cold earth.  Life continues to be.
We too need to to find that point of repose.
Finding the stillness within, we open to the still, small voice of God at the centre of our hearts  In the stable of our hearts everyone who comes can find shelter, hospitality, deep peace and healing for their weary souls. 

During these months of Covid-19 restrictions all group meetings and gatherings are cancelled.  We offer you a selection of websites that you might find helpful.

Sacred Space



Download the app to your ipad or smart phone.  It allows you to link in on a daily basis and pray in your own time for 10 minutes or more.  

See website sacredspace.ie



Isolation retreat



A 14 day retreat from the comfort of your own home.   You can follow over the  fourteen days or choose from the themes as you wish.

See  website sacredspace.ie

Pray as you Go



Pray as you Go is designed by English Jesuits.   Download the app and pray as you go for about 10 minutes each day.

see website pray-as-you-go

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Mindfulness - Meditation- Contemplation

A 6 week introduction to Mindfulness, Meditation and  Contemplation.  Each session introduces and practises a new skill  of mindfulness and also creates a space for opening to the Divine in our lives.     Click on meditation to access meditations.

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